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Sponsorship Opportunities

Introducing Sponsorship Opportunities with RocketMSP

Boost your brand with RocketMSP, navigating IT vendors through the noise and directly into the ears of engaged MSPs, through personalized, high-impact sponsorship opportunities within our expert-led podcasts and newsletters.

Creepy Peek Steve

the RocketMSP Podcast was a delightful experience. I have been in the MSP industry a long time and this is one of the best Podcasts out there. I believe it will continue to gain popularity as it benefits who it should: the MSPs. For us vendors, it is great too. We booked a significant number of demos from our session, and months later we are still getting leads. Those leads are turning into customers.

Bobby Lind Zest MSP


Extensive reach

RocketMSP's content garners over 2500 monthly views and streams an impressive 450 hours of content each month. By sponsoring our platform, your brand will gain exposure to a wide audience of MSPs actively seeking valuable insights and solutions.

Ideal audience

Approximately 50% of our listeners are from MSPs with five or fewer employees, making RocketMSP an ideal platform for targeting smaller MSPs that may have unique needs and preferences. By sponsoring our content, you can effectively reach your target market with precision.

14-Working with emails

Dedicated engagement

Our email newsletters boast an impressive 22% open rate and a 15% click rate, indicating that our subscribers are actively interested in the content we deliver. By advertising in our newsletters, you'll have direct access to a highly engaged audience ready to explore and discover new products and services.

Unique opportunity

As RocketMSP is actively seeking its first sponsors, this presents an exceptional opportunity for your brand to be one of the pioneering sponsors in our community. By partnering with us early on, you can establish a strong presence and gain a competitive edge in the MSP market.

Our key values are integrity, quality & innovation. Those are our secret ingredients in every project we start.

Metrics That Matter

Learn how RocketMSP connects with your target audience of MSPs and IT professionals.

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Our Available Sponsorship Packages

RocketMSP is excited to offer our new sponsorship options. Currently we have two options available. The option everyone is asking about is how to sponsor all of RocketMSP's activities. 

  • Appear in the sponsored location of all outgoing emails in HubSpot
  • Brand overlay on the RocketMSP Podcast
  • Mentioned at the beginning of the RocketMSP Podcast (brought to you by)
  • 45-second host-read ad in post-roll spot of Beyond the Dashboard
  • Tracked links on YouTube descriptions as well as Podcast Show Notes

Website-Only Sponsorship

We have a website-only sponsorship available for companies interested in having their logo prominently featured on our homepage.


Sign up for website sponsor.

*Most popular

Complete Sponsor

$3000 / qtr

For MSP channel partners that want the most exposure to MSPs in the channel.

  • Host-read ads
  • Email ads
  • Website logo
  • Tracking & analytics
Get Started

Join Us as One of Our First Sponsors

RocketMSP is actively looking to acquire our first sponsor and we believe that your brand could be an excellent fit. By partnering with us, you'll have the advantage of reaching a targeted audience of MSPs who are eager to discover new products and services. Secure your position as our inaugural sponsor and make a lasting impression on the MSP community.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of RocketMSP's sponsorship journey. Contact us today to discuss our customizable sponsorship packages and position your brand as a trusted partner in the MSP space.