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Ethics Statement

Since our humble beginnings in 2016, livestreaming content with friends, RocketMSP has evolved into a trusted source for accurate information and insightful dialogues within the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry. We've been honored as a top podcast by Karl Palachuk's Small Biz Thoughts, Syncro, Quoter, among other reputable companies in the IT channel.

Our reputation for integrity, transparency, and quality is what sets RocketMSP apart from numerous other excellent YouTube channels. We are committed to preserving this image because it is right to disseminate factual, educational, and worthwhile videos. Risking the company’s existence in the pursuit of short-term gains is not an option.

In the interest of transparency, we disclose our revenue streams, ensure any monetary transactions are unconditionally clear to all viewers, and put our carefully crafted reputation “on the line” – because without the trust we've earned, we’re nothing.

A significant part of our revenue comes from pre-roll and post-roll ads placed on our videos by Google's AdSense platform. We have no affiliation with the companies depicted in these advertisements, nor do we have any editorial control over them. If you're a YouTube Premium subscriber or use an ad blocker, these ads will not appear.

A minor portion of our revenue (<10%) comes from various affiliate programs. Occasionally, we place purchase links to products mentioned in our videos in the video description. If a viewer clicks a link and purchases a product during that browsing session, we receive a small return. These affiliate links have a negligible impact on our bottom line, and our content is never tailored around them. Therefore, we typically do not disclose that said links are affiliated.

On occasion, we feature host-read sponsor information and sponsor spots in emails. All such content will be clearly marked as sponsored materials.

We remain committed to maintaining your trust and will always strive to be transparent about our operations. Thank you for being part of the RocketMSP community.