Launch your MSP into its next phase.

The Problem:

You started your company because you were supposed to have freedom and make more money. You now feel like a slave that works long hours. You have 9 bosses (your clients) and you forgot about the TPS Reports Memo.

You’re a busy person. You work hard, putting in long hours every day and feel like it still isn’t enough. Things that you need to do to advance your business are getting pushed down, lower and lower on your to-do list.

The technology landscape is becoming more complex and confusing, and it’s harder to keep up on all the solutions that are out there.

Your company has reached a plateau. You haven’t gotten a new managed customer in months or years and you worry more and more about where you’re going to be in six to twelve months.

This is harder than you expected. Now what?

The Solution:

Just because this is harder than you expected don’t think you have to do it all by yourself. You could join a small peer group and and have a team of business advisors to guide you through the process. Receive guidance on marketing, sales, team building, processes, standardization, and so much more. Share wins with your new team and work together to tackle challenges.

Introducing RocketMSP.

A peer group that focuses on “the little guy.” We do this by making sure the group is affordable no matter the size of your business.

What Is Included?

Work on your business

Continuous is a big part of RocketMSP membership. Create your own business advisory board by participating in peer group sessions, exclusively available to those who launch the Rocket Ship program.​

Ready-to-use documents

Gain immediate access to the document library with forms, step-by-step procedures, and more. Share your revisions and new documents with others to encourage growth for everyone.​

A live, safe community

Join a community from around the globe with 24/7 access to real-time chat, a video conference room, and more.

Watch and learn

Watch a growing library with over 100 videos to learn about products, processes and procedures, and more from the MSP community along with IT channel vendors.

See your business improve

The more you participate with the group—especially with the peer group sessions—the more positive changes you'll see around your business. Members have experienced higher margins on new MSP agreements, lower A/R aging (faster payments), better sales success, and more. You deserve these kind of results, too!

What are you waiting for?

Members of our peer groups are accomplishing a lot. Stop wishing your MSP were something else and start working toward that goal.

Bottle Rocket

You need help and don't know where to begin.

$ 35 00
  • Weekly Peer Group Meetings
  • Monthly Group Q&A Meetings
  • MSP Document Library
  • Video Training
  • RocketMSP Community Access
A great way to start making changes on a budget.

Rocket Ship

You're looking to be more aggressive with business growth.

$ 130 00
  • Weekly Peer Group Meetings
  • Monthly Group Q&A Meetings
  • MSP Document Library
  • Video Training
  • RocketMSP Community Access
Only $30 per weekly meeting!

Always Moving Forward

ad·vance /ədˈvans/ 


  1. move forward in a purposeful way.
  2. make or cause to make progress.


  1. a forward movement.
  2. a development or improvement.

If you’re part of the RocketMSP Community, you’re always working toward progress. 

The RocketMSP Community

RocketMSP has worked hard to put together a community that is helpful, welcoming, and encouraging. You never have to worry about getting picked on for the RMM or PSA you use. Whether you have employees or chose to operate as a sole proprietor, you’ll always have a friend to talk to in the RocketMSP Community.