Promoting Your MSP: Takeaways From My Conversation With Taher Hamid from MSP Camp

Promoting an MSP is hard. You don't know where to go or what to say. I recently had a conversation with Taher Hamid, where he spent some time demystifying the marketing process. I'm going to share some of the insights that I learned.

Pictures Are Important

It's important to have pictures attached to every social media post you make. But not just any photos... The images you've seen with the frustrated man with his head in his hands next to a laptop or the Guy Fawkes mask and hoodie nefariously typing aren't going to cut it. Use custom graphics designed for each post.

Get All The Reviews

It's essential to show that others liked working with you. This is called Social Proof. You'll want reviews in multiple places. Google My Business, Clutch, and UpCity are the three places you should be focusing on if you serve other businesses. If you mainly support residential customers, you'll want to add Facebook Profile Reviews and Yelp to your list.

Teach Something Useful

People will keep scrolling unless the content you're posting is attention-grabbing. Remember the picture of the frustrated man earlier? That's not good enough because your audience has seen that picture a thousand times. Post something compelling, like a great infographic explaining all the lesser-known Microsoft 365 apps available in most subscriptions.

Get The Marketing Help You Need

Most MSPs don't have the time to do great marketing; chances are, you fall into that camp. Speaking of camp, MSP Camp offers ready-to-post content like social media posts with graphics, blog articles, infographics, and e-books plus, they have email and outbound calling content in some of their campaigns.

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Interested in learning more about MSP Camp? Check out the December 14, 2022 episode of the RocketMSP Podcast!

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