What's included?

RocketMSP is more than just a weekly peer group meeting. In fact, we offer a standard membership that includes many of these features. Read more about what we have to offer.

Work on your business

Continuous improvement. This is such a critical component of RocketMSP membership. We'll build a business advisory board just for you, exclusively available to those who join at the premium membership tier.

Ready-to-use documents

Gain immediate access to the document library with forms, step-by-step procedures, and more. Share your revisions and new documents with others to encourage growth for everyone.

A live, safe community

Join a community from around the globe with 24/7 access to real-time chat, a video conference room, and more.

Watch and learn

Watch a growing library with over 100 videos to learn about products, processes, procedures, and more from the MSP community and IT channel vendors.

See your business improve

The more you participate with the group—especially with the peer group sessions—the more positive changes you'll see around your business. Members have experienced higher margins on new MSP agreements, lower A/R aging (faster payments), better sales success, and more. You deserve these results, too!

Available peer groups

As of today there are three active groups and three groups ready to spin up. Since launching RocketMSP in October of 2019 we’ve brought on 17 members to the peer groups. We only have room for 48 total members, so space is very limited.

Tuesdays at 11 AM EST
Tuesdays at 2 PM EST
Thursdays at 11 AM EST
Thursdays at 2 PM EST
Fridays at 11 AM EST
Fridays at 2 PM EST


You're not ready to join a weekly peer group.

$ 35 00
  • Monthly Group Q&A Meetings
  • MSP Document Library
  • Video Training
  • RocketMSP Community Access
A great way to start making changes on a budget.


You're ready to join a weekly peer group.

$ 130 00
  • Everything in Standard Membership
  • Weekly Peer Group Meetings
  • Improve Your Business
  • Accountability That Works
Only $30 per weekly meeting!

Still not convinced?

Here are comments from real members that are still active in our peer groups.