Is a Subscription to a Contract Service Worth It?

Today, it's becoming more common for companies to change their products to a monthly subscription instead of a perpetual license. One company, Scott and Scott LLP, has decided to do this with something every MSP should have: their customer contracts.

Rob Scott, a Managing Partner, began offering contracts-as-a-service (CaaS) in January of 2022, and as of today, more than 50 MSPs are using the service. However, after interviewing Rob, I learned that this service is much more than a boilerplate document; they aren't giving identical copies to every MSP that signs up. 

When you sign up for CaaS, there's an entire onboarding process. First, they will have questions regarding your jurisdiction, what regulator compliance you and your clients are subject to, the technology stack you use, and more. Next, they'll draft and customize documents for you to use with your new and existing clients. After that, they will send you the documents for review to see if you have any questions before they go live.

Rob made this a subscription service knowing that MSPs would look for constant value along the way. That's why he's including contract updates as part of this service. Some documents receive annual updates, while others have quarterly updates. He will also answer your questions and review any contract changes requested by your clients.

There are also more than half a dozen documents.

Base stack:

  • MSA
  • Managed Services Attachment
  • Cloud & Hosting Agreement
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Agreement
  • Managed Security Agreement
  • Service Level Objectives
  • Schedule of Third Party Service Providers

Next-level stack:

  • Data Processing for Regulated Industries (HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, etc.)
  • Managed VOIP
  • Managed Physical Security
  • Advanced Cybersecurity

Some other attachments/agreements are available, but these are the most common. 

The base stack starts around $300/month, while the next-level stack starts around $400/month. Setup fees may apply, and there's a 36-month term for the service. Once the 36-month period is complete, you'll own a perpetual license to all of the documents for your MSP. You can continue to pay a maintenance fee to receive support and ongoing updates to the documents.

Other Scott & Scott LLP services include contract negotiations, arbitration, and litigation. They are licensed to practice in California, Texas, New York, and a few other states. But don't worry; even if you aren't in an area where they are licensed to practice, they can still work with you to create custom agreements for your MSP and involve local attorneys as needed. In addition, they'll research local multi-jurisdiction laws to ensure everything is covered.

Bottom Line: This neat-sounding service essentially puts a law firm on retainer for your MSP at an affordable monthly rate. Not only do you have an attorney on standby to answer questions, but they're also going to build and maintain an impressive collection of agreement documents for new and existing clients.


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