How to Score 90% Off HubSpot

This article contains affiliate links that will save you a boatload of money while also making the writer some cash on the side.

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For many of you, HubSpot is the Holy Grail of marketing platforms. It’s the platform that you wish you had but could never afford. Today I’m going to change that for you.

HubSpot has a program called HubSpot for Startups.

A screenshot captured by the author of HubSpot’s page: HubSpot for Startups. Taken 2022–02–14 at 2:15pm ET

What Does HubSpot for Startups Give Me?

HubSpot for Startups gives you a discount on any professional subscriptions as long as you’ve never had a professional subscription on your account. If you’ve never had a HubSpot account or have only used the Free or Starter editions you’re in great shape!

For the first year you’ll get 90% off, then you’ll get 50% off in the second year and 25% off ongoing years after that.

If you go with Marketing + Sales + Operations you could easily have a monthly rate of $2,190. With the 90% discount your monthly rate will be just $219 for all of those. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot just taken this morning.

Screenshot taken by an anonymous customer of author; used with approval.

Do I have to buy every service?

Nope! You can choose to buy just Marketing Hub Professional if you really just want those services.

In order to sign up for this program you need to be associated with an approved VC, Incubator, or Accelerator partner. Here’s an approved Accelerator that you can get a Lifetime Membership to for only $150 out of pocket. Just think—$150 today and you’ll save $1,971 dollars a month. That’s over $23,600 a year!

So just sign up for this approved Accelerator today and you’ll be saving thousands of dollars with HubSpot.

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