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Partnering with RocketMSP has helped hundreds of IT channel vendors improve their brand's visibility. Market your products and services to thousands of IT professionals today.
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You're the star of the show

Build your reputation in the IT community by being on one of the most trusted podcasts in the channel

Be a thought leader for MSPs and IT pros

As a channel partner you have so much more than just your products and services to offer. Teach IT professionals about game-changing processes and procedures to run a better MSP.
Pre-recorded podcast episode with video and professionally mastered audio
Available on YouTube and podcast platforms
Custom description with backlinks to your site
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Interact with the MSP channel

Here's your chance to interact with an engaged audience of ITSPs and MSPs that have shown interest in your products and services.
Promotional emails and social media posts before the webinar
Engagement metrics for registration, attendance, and interactions
Webinar offers chat, Q&A, popup offers, handouts, and polls for engagement
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Let us promote your content

Levreage our reputation and let us market your content to our network.
Emails sent through HubSpot's marketing platform
Metrics available for email engagement
Use your own custom UTM codes for links
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You won’t need a Admin

Gain actionable insights as buyers interact with your content, then use that information to enrich your CRM and automation tools. Know what your audience is reading, when, so you can optimize your followup.
Build it fast with our easy use drag & drop editor.
Everything is fully customizable to fir your brand.
Use our powerful media library to manage your assets.
Get lots of professionaly designed templates.

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It's easy to get started with RocketMSP; schedule a free consultation to learn more about our podcast and webinar services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a podcast and a webinar?

Podcast episodes are roughly twenty minutes and pre-recorded without an audience using video and audio. They'll be posted on podcast platforms and YouTube. Podcast episodes are designed for thought leadership and conversations.

Webinars are live events in front of an audience that registers to attend. To boost interaction we can use chat, handouts, pop-up offers, Q&A, polling, and giveaways natively within the webinar platform. Webinars are designed for showing off products and services.

How will you get registrations to our event?

We've learned that if you want real leads coming to your event, gimmicks like free iPads aren't going to cut it. That's why we cut out all the BS and get straight to what MSPs want: real content about how the product works. This is how we've continued to have such a great reputation with IT service providers in the channel.

What data will you provide us?

We have options available for registration, attendance, and engagement for the webinar. 
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