Are Contracts-as-a-Service the Next Big Thing for MSPs?

I recently interviewed Robert Scott, Managing Partner of Scott & Scott, a technology law firm. We talked about some things to look out for when setting up your MSP's legal agreements, but what I really wanted to learn more about was Contracts-as-a-Service.

Scott & Scott started offering an MSA where the big multi-thousand dollar investment can be spread across a multi-year term. They also offer maintenance for the agreement.



  • Setup Fee - $300 up front
  • Monthly Fee - $300 (36/months)
  • Maintenance Fee - $185/month (starting on month 37)

Perpetual Model

  • Contract Fee - $10,000 (around)
  • Annual Maintenance - $2,200 (~$185/month)

Is it worth it?

As an IT professional, you need to have a solid MSA to provide services to your clients. Having the option to pay for the agreement across a 36-month term is worth considering—especially when you weigh the fact that an attorney is making quarterly revisions as you change your tech solution stack, laws change, and new precedence is set through court decisions.

Check out the interview with Rob and see for yourself.


What if you can't afford a $10,000 MSA?

If you're running a smaller MSP, RocketMSP has an MSA that you can use to get started. Our MSA was created for an MSP operating in New York City by litigation attorneys who have had to defend their MSAs in court. Join the RocketMSP community by going to!

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